The Harbinger May 3, 2024

The Harbinger Newsletter

Pastor Willie Allen-FaiellaDear Friends,

A big thank you goes out to Dottie Devaney Goldman for letting me know that many years ago there was a St. Christopher’s newsletter named “The Harbinger”! It is a wonderful name to resurrect, so our weekly newsletter will now be called The Harbinger.

I had fun looking up the various meanings of “harbinger,” and here are some from the Oxford English Dictionary (online version):

  • One who provides lodging; an entertainer, a host; a harbourer n. common herberger, a common lodging-house keeper. (Obsolete). (But how appropriate the term “harbourer” is, given our location)!
  • One that goes before and announces the approach of someone; a forerunner. Mostly in transferred and figurative senses, and in literary language.

Both of these definitions of “harbinger” tell us much about who the gathered Body of Christ is called to be and to do: host and announce. To host, in the spiritual sense, is to invite and welcome all to become part of our Christian community. To announce is to proclaim to all the good news of God’s unconditional love for us as we experience that love in Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Dottie, “The Harbinger” seems a most appropriate name and a most appropriate reminder of who (and Whose!) we are called to be and how we are to pattern our lives on His, sharing the Good News through word and action.

See you in church!

In Christ’s love,

“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.”

Maria Montessori

St. Christopher’s School is currently bursting at the seams with creativity!

Please join us this evening from 5 pm to 7 pm for this year’s Art and Science Fair. The children’s art is spectacular! Their creativity and ability to think outside the box are evident throughout the exhibit. Their science projects are equally amazing as they showcase how much they’ve learned and how inquisitive Montessori students can be!

Next week, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day on Wednesday, May 8. The children have prepared a medley of songs that they will be performing during our weekly Chapel Service at 9 am. We will be serving refreshments after the service. Please join us – it should be an incredible heartfelt celebration!


Leslie Lasseville
Head of School

Calling all Polyglots!

On the Day of Pentecost (Sunday, May 19th) the appointed first reading is Acts 2: 1-21, the story of the Holy Spirit’s descent on the disciples and how each began to preach in different languages, which were understood by the people of many nations who were gathered there. On May 19 we will be reading the passage in different languages – it will sound like cacophony but it will give us a hint of the experience the people had on that first Pentecost.

So if you can read a different language (we already have English, Spanish, French, and Serbian covered) and would like to participate, please contact Rev Willie ( We will have a rehearsal at 9:00 am on May 19, 2024 and meet in the sacristy.

Prayer Requests

Please Pray For...

St Christopher’s Parish & School Community

Pat Neal, Susie Schradle, Kathy V, Carol, Isabel L.

Family & Friends

Erik, Marilyn, Jane, Stewart, Sherrie, Julian, Charles, Mary Jo, Michael V, Allison, Frances R., Paul, Angie M., Dominique, Debi P., Lisa K., Katrina, Barbara, Eleanor, Nancy, Bill and Family, Lori, Paul J, Hugh, Keith, Barbara, Rebecca, Esteban, Carol, Jack, Courtnay, Andy, Jane, Samuel, Niki, Dave, Geno, Patricia, Robert, Jackie, M.F.P., Bella and family, Betsy, Ethan, Danie, Dean and Richard, Gustavo Z., Gary, Mr. Long, Tracy, Shane, Stephen and Family. For Rex and Ruthann.

+ For the repose of the soul of Joan Ambrose and George Dooley

+ For peace in the Holy Land.

+ For refugees and all who are in danger.

+ For the Nominating Committee: Jeff Brosco, Pam Gordon, Callie Holderman, Lynne Nelson, Ken Noto and Peter Verbeeck, and Lynne Libby, their chaplain.

+ Peace, Freedom and the Safety for the people of Ukraine

Mark Your Calendars


Sunday, May 12th

8am Rite I service
10am Next Family Service Sunday

Sunday, May 19th
The Day of Pentecost
10am Service and Baptisms

Sunday, June 19th
5:30pm Our precious Deacon Miguel is about to celebrate a milestone birthday. Our St. Christopher’s community will have a party in his honor at the home of Dottie Devaney 550 Harbor Drive. To RSVP please text 305-877-0721.


May 3rd at 5:00pm
Science Fair and Art Show

Wednesday, May 8th at 9:00am
Mother’s Day Celebration during Chapel

May 13th to May 17th
Teacher Appreciation Week


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